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A lot of things January 28, 2010

Posted by Elfi in Life and everything.

A lot of things are going on these weeks. During the day I keep myself busy by the means of taking courses on Topology and Advanced Functional Programming. Afternoons are filled with a Swedish course and climbing. On the top of that I am preparing my lectures for a short Quantum Computing course which I am going give at Chalmers in two weeks. Last but not least, Samson Abramsky: A Structural Approach to Reversible Computation (free pdf) twists my brain cells properly 🙂

At times, it gets hectic, but so far I am managing well. In fact, I like the way it tests my ability to set up an effective work schedule and stay productive all day long. I write many observations down on a sheet of paper and feed it back while planning for the next day in my diary. Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Achievement and Study Hacks have given me many helpful advices in this respect.

On the other note, this weekend begins the Göteborg International Film Festival 2010. For this year I have chosen six movies,

  • Agora,
  • John Rabe,
  • A Matter of Size,
  • Border,
  • About Elly, and
  • Honeymoons,

I am looking forward. It is always so good.

It is 1:45am. Time to go to the bed. One or two pages of Orhan Pamuk’s Snow, at most, and then sleep.



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